2023: GYB’s Resolve Unshakable And Unstoppable – Prof Chris Mustapha Nwaokobia Jnr

Not a few Nigerians have troubled me with their concern about the purported zoning of the Presidential Ticket of the All Progressive Congress APC to the South, some have argued that since the slot of the National Chairman of the APC have been zoned allegedly to the North Central, ‘your man should forget the Presidency, because the Chairman of the Party and the President of the Country cannot come from the same zone’. The last time I checked the only thing a Party can legitimately do is to zone Party Offices, not Elective positions provided for by the Constitution. The PDP was careful enough to say that all they have zoned are Party Offices.

There are those in the Country and in my Dear Party the APC who are desperate to become President in 2023 and whose gambit is to shut the door against some candidates, zoning is their linchpin, but it won’t work. We are poised not only to debate them, but to show the resolve of Nigerians to break out of the banal margins of our politics to new highs where passion, competency, capacity, commitment, candour and composure are the only permissible minimums for governmental power cum political contestations. Parties are free if they like to zone Party Offices, but to zone out the ambition of persons otherwise protected and prescribed for, by and in the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria is a no no. The APC must beware the Ides of March.

Focused and determined, GYB is ready for the job!

Governor Yahaya Bello, the essential GYB will run for the Presidential Ticket of the All Progressive Congress APC, he will pursue his ambition to re-fix, reset and rework Nigeria. He will continue to give leadership to the Party and indeed the Nigerian people, and he will together with the millions of Nigerian Youths pushing the Youth O’clock fervency, and the gender debate challenge for the soul of our Dear Country. There is no stopping the GYB Movement.

No one stopped Rochas Okorocha when he ran for the APC Presidential Ticket in 2014. No one stopped Alex Ekwueme of blessed memory from running for the PDP Presidential Ticket in 1999, and no purported ‘agreement’ on zoning has ever stopped Aspirants from other zones from contesting the Party Primaries of their Party, that clearly won’t happen now that GYB is by far the most popular and the leading Presidential Aspirant in the country. GYB is the bride of Nigerians seeking new ways of doing business. He is the champion of a new political culture of competency, capacity and inclusion. And he is the paladin of Youth Inclusiveness and gender parity. GYB is Unshakable and unstoppable.

Nigeria deserves the very best going forward, and the best must not be the product of a narrowed space. If we agree that all zones have very competent hands, then let the best of the best run Nigeria. To those who think that zoning of the office of President or that of State Governor truly gives a sense of belonging or equity, nothing can be further away from truth. It only gives the political gladiators and political practitioners easier access to power. Do not be deceived by their shenanigans, what gives a sense of belonging and equity is good governance and service delivery, QED.

Wonder if the Sea Ports in the South East and the South South were dredged to allow for big vessels to berth and businesses in that region allowed to exist without Apapa Port being the only functional port in Nigeria, how the South East and South South people feel? Zoning of the high office of President, and zoning out future Aspirants on account of region is not the way to justice; good governance and commitment to service delivery is the way to go.

The President Nigerians need is a Patriot and a Pan Nigerian, not an Igbo, Yoruba, Hausa, Fulani, South East, South South or South West President. And GYB is the pathway to a peaceful, prosperous and united Nigeria centred on justice, equity and fairness. GYB is a unifier and a performer. To GYB it has manifestly been ‘though tongues and tribes may differ in brotherhood we stand’. And to GYB this call to duty and to service is undying, unshakable and unalterable.

To those who yet wonder why GYB a visit to Kogipedia will amaze you. A visit to www.gybnigeria.com will avail you insight into the phenomenal records of the essential GYB. Governor Yahaya Bello is not just one of those seeking the high office of President come 2023, he is the candidate of the masses, he is the candidate of the people, he epitomizes the hope and the aspiration of the Nigerian Youth and Women, and he encapsulates the Nigeria of our collective dreams.

Fear not folks, worry not and do not lose sleep for the phenomenal GYB is unyielding, unbending, unshakable and unstoppable. With your support, commitment and passion the train to the Rock called Aso is on course, and the cause to birth and berth a new, vibrant and prosperous Nigeria is our unalterable vision, purpose and commitment. Nigeria shall most definitely RISE AGAIN. With GYB WE MOVE!!!

Chris Mustapha Nwaokobia Jnr.
National Coordinator

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