2023: If Truly Young People And APC Young Stakeholders Want Power, GYB Is The Answer

Watching one of the leaders of APC Young Stakeholders, prince Mustapha Audu talk about H.E. Governor Yahaya Adoza Bello on AIT with so much excitement is something to ponder on.

Speaking on Democracy Today with popular anchor of the program, Ijeoma Osamor prince Mustapha Audu eulogizes GYB so well on the role he played in the emergence of his wife at the just concluded APC National Convention in Abuja. He said something significant, “my loyalty and allegiance is to Governor Yahaya Bello”..

Now, the question I’m asking as a young person in Nigeria, even though I’m an APC member is, APC Young Stakeholders as the name implies, why can’t this movement or group rally round and support a younger candidate in the 2023 presidential election?

Are they truly APC Young Stakeholders? Do they really want to change the narratives as young people? Because I have watched them severally come on TV to talk about how the youth should be allowed to have significant say in the party affairs.

If all that is true as they claimed, then now is the time. GYB is the right person to support. In fact I feel they should mobilize fellow young men in the country not only in their party. Its Youth O’clock. GYB is the answer!

Bello Umar Danlami
A nigerian and an observer

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