Blessing Okoro Calls Ada Ameh A Tout In A Recent Development

Marriage expert, Blessing Okoro, has slammed veteran actress, Ada Ameh, for correcting Dr. Kemi Olunloyo, disrespectfully. Says that there is no difference between her and those she is correcting.

Ada Ameh shared a video dragging Kemi Olunloyo for claiming the late Sylvester Oromoni agreed to be beaten and drank engine oil as part of cult initiation.

She also called Kemi a mentally deranged patient who deserves to be beaten in the video which has since gone viral.

Reacting to Ada, Blessing Okoro chastised her, saying her approach was unacceptable, she also advised her to change her method of calling people out, insisting she acted like a tout.

She said, I know Nigerians are hailing you every time you do this but pls you don’t have to correct with insult, abuse and words that are so depressing.

“You are an elder and it’s ok to correct us , disagree and throw your opinions once in a while but not like this, this is violent, bully and too abusive, if anybody pick your words and throw it back at you just because they disagree with you or don’t like what you said you won’t like it too.

“You made sense, in everything you said, but the way you keep saying it, is a complete NO. Let us stop creating the same monsters that we hate. Please please please mummy. Try and be a bit more civil. So that small pikin no go use your own words back at you some day.”

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