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Davido Took His ‘E Choke’ Pose To US Consul General, Will Stevens

Nigeria and Africa’s Afrobeat super star Davido in a visit to the US consulate on Wednesday in Lagos.

The Consul General at the United States Consulate in Lagos, Will Stevens, has shown he’s very aware of the Nigerian Afrobeat world by posing with Davido doing the ‘E choke’ sign, during the visit to the consulate.

The consulate shared photos of Davido and his team visiting the consulate saying, “Happy to meet Afrobeat superstar Davido earlier today as we talked about Nigeria’s fast-growing entertainment industry and how it’s a strong pillar of support for the U.S.-Nigeria partnership.”

‘E choke’ is a slang used to express shock or surprise and was popularised by David, with Twitter even creating an emoji out of it..

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