Ex Bafana Bafana and South African Int’l Steven Pienaar Eulogized Zlatan In A Special Way

Former South African wonder boy, Steven Pienaar has showered sweet words on former team mate Zlatan Ibrahimovic.

Steven Pienaar : ” Zlatan Ibrahimovic recently met me in Liverpool, He was apparently there for Rehabilitation for his injuries. He said to me ‘Steven you are short as your career. We started our football career together and you have retired already. Height matters in football, because look at me next month am winning Serie A Title, my career is as tall as me. And you are at Everton as an Ambassador. You were my roommate and teammate at Ajax Amsterdam now you look like you have never kicked football with your Big brother Zlatan ‘….. He got free coffees and meals because he asked the waiter if he knew Zlatan and the waiter said “yes, you my favorite player”… And he asked him what can you do for your favorite player Zlatan? “… The waiter said” anything “… Zlatan said” anything?, then my bill is on you “… We left the bill on the desk, we met the manager of the restaurant and Zlatan said its time to make someone rich….. He signed a €5000 check with the manager to give it to the waiter who was taking care of a €100 bill. I am happy to see him as a champion at 40. He is a great personality. One of the best players to ever play football. Although he won’t like it when I say “one of the best”,,, he wants us to say the “Best Footballer to ever kick football”,, but I won’t say that because we had Pele, Maradona…currently we have Messi and Cristiano….. So in future, we’ll also have great Footballers. “

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