Finidi George Replies Osimhen 24 Hours After His Abusive Live Video On Instagram

The brouhaha that has taken over the football space in the last 3 days between the Super Eagles former Coach, Finidi George who just resigned and prolific striker, Victor Osimhen is something that has sparked different reactions from various quarters with many taken sides.

To some, Victor Osimhen went too far as that was a disrespect to the legendary status of Finidi George who himself was a former player and represented the Eagles at the highest level. Sighting that no matter what, he should not have gone live in the manner he went. The purpoted statement credited to Finidi George was quoted thus, “he can’t beg Osimhen to play for the national team” and other things that caused the outburst.

Osimhen upon getting the notice went ballistic, below is a 3 minutes 25 seconds excerpt from the 6 minutes plus live video;

Credit: Instagram live/Victor Osimhen

According to Collin Udo a senior sport journalist who personally got across to Finidi captures his own side of the story.. “He did not say he wasn’t going to beg Osimhen. He did not say that Osimhen was not committed. in fact, he did confirm when he was asked about Osimhen’s absence that he called him from Germany, and that’s why he was excused.
“It was when the issue of player’s commitment was raised; that’s why he said he would not beg anybody to play for the Super Eagles, but he did not mention any player by name, specifically
“And so, I also called Finidi himself to ask him if that was the case and he also confirmed to me that he never said any of those things.

“In fact, he corroborated what the other gentleman had told me and that he would have no reason to call out any player, whether in public or in private, and that he would address issues with the players themselves if there were any issues.

“And then, as soon as the video was brought to his attention, he said he reached out to Osimhen and let him know that one, he never said those things, and two, even if he had, Osimhen should have reached out to him first to find out if he did say, what he was alleged to have said, rather than going, public with such disrespect.”

See the full video below:

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