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Ghanian Dancehall Artist Shatta Wale Should Have Won a Grammy By Now

Ghanaian dancehall king Shatta Wale is one of the most talented and consistent artists to ever grace the mic on this continent.

I decided to go through his entire discography today, and it felt sad to know that this man has not won a Grammy award yet!

His YouTube channel has over 1,000 videos. Imagine the kind of creativity it takes for an artist to record such a large amount of music and still be actively making more.

Two years ago, when Shatta Wale and BeyoncĂ© released “Already,” I felt disappointed knowing that the song did not win a Grammy ( numbers don’t lie).

“Already” did better numbers than any other collaboration between BeyoncĂ© and an African artist from her Lion King album.

Let’s forget our differences and appreciate this man truly!.
He makes music which everyone can easily relate to and his songs can be very motivating.

He is an absolute genius, and we are blessed to have him in the African music industry.

Source: Music Base Africa

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