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How Cristiano Ronaldo Changed His Brother’s Life From Drug Addiction And Alcoholism

In 2014, Cristiano Ronaldo’s elder brother, Hugo was going through a very rough period. His day to day life was affected by the addiction of alcohol and drugs. His life was clearly in danger.

It was an addiction gene that ran in the family, with their late father Jose Dinis Aveiro also a recovering alcoholic.

Cristiano wasn’t happy with the state of his brother. He decided to take the matter into his own hands.

Cristiano made a deal with him, if he wins the Champions League, Hugo has to definitively give up alcohol and drugs. A huge challenge for the two men and an extra pressure for Cristiano, who wasn’t just trying to win the competition for himself, but for the good of his brother.

And that year (2014), Cristiano won the Champions League with Real Madrid. When the match ended, he ran up to his brother and hugged him, whispering to him: “Now it’s your turn.”

Since that day Hugo kept his promise and no longer drinks alcohol or takes drugs.

Cristiano later launched The CR7 Museum in Madeira, Portugal, which is now managed by Hugo.

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