Ibrahim Al-amin ‘Little’, A Political Goldmine Seated Yet Untapped In Kano

Politicians are known for frivolities and inconsistency but when you find those who are true in character, consistency of words and ideology, they stand the test of time.

Ibrahim Al-amin ‘Little’ is one politician who has so much to offer in terms of deliverables in governance, human capacity development, progress and creating wealth for the people of kano.
A man who has single handedly transform the lives of many for more than two decades now and counting, in education, giving succour, youths and sport development and especially in entrepreneurship raising people.

His demeanor is that of a rare politician who doesn’t see politics as it’s either me or me but as a means to an end; a vehicle to drive the desired change in the lives of the ordinary people (talakawas.)
Since the beginning of the fourth republic in 1999, this rare breed of a politician has continue to dominate political discuss in kano, the centre of commerce. And he has also remain relevant as a major player in the state for these many but ‘few years’ of Nigeria’s democratic dispensation.

Ibrahim Al-amin (Little) has this quality that distinguishes him from his peers; patience, tolerance, focus and like they say ‘patience is a virtue.’ When it comes to experience he has mastered his act which means the deeper the root, the stronger the foundation of his political longevity. A true democrat who will rather the process, the system throws him up instead of one obscure conjecture.

He’s a force to reckon with in kano political space not because of his possession or societal status but as a result of the will of the good people of kano.
As a rallying factor he’s had direct and indirect influence on so many lives inspiring them to become people of note in the society, that’s not even touching his philanthropic side yet.

Al-amin is a man of so many expressions who never runs dry of what next as to what the future holds, he has navigated so many rocky paths and still came out unscathed. What a man!

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