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Indefatigable DG Urban Beautification Alkenanah Set To Transform Kano Revenue Collection In Advertisement

Like the saying goes.. “The reward for a job well done is more responsibilities” This is as a result of an excellent performance in the Urban Beautification And Landscaping Agency, DG Abdallah Ahmad Tahir (Alkenanah) has earned an appointment, he’s been called upon to salvage a sister agency in the same administration.

Just 3weeks ago he was appointed Technical Adviser to oversee the Revenue Collection Agency, which deals with all signage, outdoor advertisements and related matters in this category. The DG now has both agencies under him for effectiveness, productivity and result oriented. Without wasting time Abdallah has rolled up his sleeves and gotten to work, he has commenced distribution of notification letters to relevant advertisement agencies, organizations, establishments for formal introduction.
A lot of factors played out which led to the disengagement and termination of the former handlers, Turning Points Limited from regulating advertisement in kano. Gross misconduct; lack of performance, lack of knowledge and understanding of the industry, misappropriation and breach of their MOU.

Abdallah Tahir as a professional in the field and someone who has knowledge in the runnings of the day-to-day affairs as it concerns the advertising industry has to step in to move it forward through beautification. And somehow this correlation can be seen between advertisement and urban beautification.. In kano metropolis, adverts are going to be used in beautifying the city.
The distribution exercise will see through to the end of the year, which happens to be this month end (December 2021).. And a taskforce operations will be carried out to remove every billboard that was illegally erected and all signage on the road without permission plus all dilapidated structures!.

Another important aspect to be touched are the lampposts, they are all going to be brought down for maintenance to enhance optimal performance. This will run for the next few weeks as it may take.. The workaholic DG is a pragmatic and visionary leader who knows how to achieve results. As he unfolds his programs in this new capacity we will keep tab on all and make it known to the citizenry.

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