Kano Decide: The Choice Between Governance and High-handedness, My Admonition – Dr. A.A.T Alkenanah

Assalamualaikum dear friends, loved ones, brothers and sisters. This is my last admonition to you as it were before the gubernatorial election in Kano tomorrow Saturday, 18-03-2023 Insha Allah.

I’m here to ask you and to prick your conscience; would you like for someone who would honor your parents or dishonor them? Would you like someone who will honor your clerics or disrespect them? Would you like someone who will desecrate our traditional institutions? Would you like someone who will take what belongs to you and you cannot talk or ask question as you would wish to?

This is between making progress and retrogression. This is between making the choice of governance or high-handedness. This is between making a choice for governance to be closer to the people at the grassroot. This is between making a choice that will make your voice count in the governance of the state.

I urge you to think, sit-down and ponder on this before you make your choice tomorrow? It is not enough to begin to sing or to begin to follow some crowd; maybe the color is red, blue or white, think..
Would you like this gentleman Dr. Nasiru Yusuf Gawuna to lead you to that promise land?

He has shown the capacity that he can, why not give him the chance? He’s a man of honor, integrity and above all, he’s a man who value and respect humans. I think we should give him the chance?!

As we go to observe our salaat today, I urge you dear friends, spare a word of prayer for Dr. Nasiru Yusuf Gawuna? May Allah grant him his heart desire. May Almighty Allah bless our dear state and may he protect us from harm as we go to perform our civic duty tomorrow, Ameen!

Jumaat Mubarak.

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