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Mr Capacity; The Man Who Is Shinning The Light Through Urban Beautification

This is the face of the most digital and transformational Director General kano state Urban Beautification and Landscaping Agency (KASUBA) has had yet, Dr. Abdallah Ahmad Tahir Alkenanah.

He brought the magic wand that made that Agency a darling of repute at the moment.

One would have thought that since it’s an electioneering period projects will be put at the back seat but NO, rather he’s married the duty of a leader and worker together diligently beautifying the state. He has proven to have so much capacity and has demonstrated his versatility in many ways through his input since he assumed that exalted office.

Dr. Abdallah is one dedicated political sagacious individual who pursue a course to it logical conclusion. He can be trusted with any assignment and he sure delivers to the latter. He has transformed kano metropolis and environs in such a way that when you walk at night if you are not conscious you will mistake if for some foreign country, literally.

DG Abdallah Tahir understands the workings of transformation and he applies it to getting the desired result on projects and time-lines. The strength of his character is such that you can go to sleep when he’s on your project, your team or the pursuit of a goal.

He’s been called so many nicknames like; the capacity DG, workaholic DG, Digital DG etc. This goes to show only one thing, he’s strong mental prowess and capacity which could not be hidden even as he goes about his saddled responsibilities!

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