Neymar Jr Replies Zlatan Ibrahimovic Over His Recent Comments On Him

Brazilian skipper, PSG’s talisman and former Barcelona forward Neymar responds to Zlatan over his recent denigrating comments…

“I won’t argue with Ibra, his words surely indicates that he is immature and in mellowed so I won’t waste my time arguing with clowns like him. Zlatan is just an attention seeker, big mouthed buffoon. It’s very funny a squirrel like Zlatan comparing himself to a lion like me. I am not stressed of the Ballon d’Or, there is still a future for Neymar Jr, and you know my performances will always speak for themselves. I am one of the top 5 best players in the world, maybe actually number 3 after Messi and Ronaldo, that’s a fact. Zlatan should quit football because it’s a sport for mature people who are determined to show results, not big mouthed squirrels. Let him do karate or table tennis, not football. Milan are unfortunate to have players like Zlatan. I wish to meet him on the field.”

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