NFF Election: 10 Reasons Why Adam Mouktar Is The Best Man Ready For The Job (I)

When we talk about competence and bringing transformation to the round leather game, Adam Mouktar is one person to look towards. He has done so much and yet he doesn’t gloat over it or make much noise about it because he believes that achievements are capable of making their own noise.

Adam Mouktar has a burning desire, to see Nigerian football make progress like that of our European counterpart. One reason he has invested so much time and resources to making sure the game profit it lovers and those who are engaged in it and whose job it is.

His enthusiasm about football is so strong and the passion can literary be contagious, especially to those around him. In our last publication we promised to bring to the fore 10 vital points to show he’s the best man ready for the job.

Here Are The First 4:

  • He’s not corrupt – transparency and accountability is one major strength the Mouktar administration will be bringing if elected President of the NFF.
    Certainly, he’s coming to serve not to share the largesse or for the attention and glitz that comes with the office, but service and service alone.
  • He’s Innovative and Progressive – Adam Mouktar is very innovative in his thinking, he’s always looking for ways to better the game. Bringing fresh ideas through international collaborations, implementing the 21st century programs. This he has done and still doing in his capacity as the FCT FA chairman.
    One significant feat in his chairmanship was when he brought Teqball to Nigeria for the very first time, a game that was created in 2012. If we must look at records and antecedents, FCT FA is a pointer and reference point for who has performed going by the visible and verifiable transformation, infrastructures on ground.
  • Building Human Capacity – He’s very active in capacity building, in fact that is one area he’s so gifted in because when it comes to spotting talents and nurturing them he’s a master.
    Mouktar believes so much in education and he pushes you to aspire more than you are at every point you come in contact with him, making sure you are better than he met you.
  • He’s a Young Visionary – vision drives great men in history and Adam Mouktar is one visionary who is not satisfied with his present achievements. Always seeking to out-do whatever level he attained. He’s youthful but has gathered so much experience over the years in the business of the round leather game. He wants to know what is the latest happenings in the world of football, stretching himself beyond every mediocre level.

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