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See What Follows Immediately After Brazil’s 2023 Satanic Carnival Mocking Jesus

Heavy rains, floods and landslide in São Paulo, Brazil’s largest city, killed at least 36 people on Sunday 25th February, 2023 after Rio Carnival . The city of São Sebastião was one of the hardest hit with dozens of people missing after at least 50 houses collapsed.

The Brazilian Carnival was held from February 15 to 25, 2023 in Rio de Janeiro. After the party, at least since February 28, content began to circulate on Facebook and TikTok that showed pictures of an open display of two people playing the devil and Christ; the devil dragged the supposed ‘Jesus’ by the wrist.
That event was greeted with severe criticism from the ecclesiastical community in Brazil.

In the previous edition of the Carnival, Uol News reported that the World Christian League, a Catholic entity, accused the school of “committing blasphemy and vilifying the image of Jesus” and demanded “compensation of R$ 5 million.” However, on June 29, 2022, the outlet reported that the São Paulo court ruled that the institution did not commit any abuse of freedom of expression “by showing a choreography in which an actor representing Jesus Christ was dragged, pushed and trampled on by another characterized as the devil”.

The ruling was resolved in the first and second instance, but the opponent could still appeal.

A day after the Carnival in this year’s edition, heavy floods took over the City and killed several people.

The Carnival is celebrated five days preceding Ash Wednesday, which is the start of Lent in the Catholic calendar. At the heart of the Carnival is the samba, which is the perfect illustration of the Afro-European blend that defines Brazil culture.

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