T-Pain, Dr Dre Show Their Frustration Over Young Artists Sounding Alike

Following T-Pain’s five-hour Twitch live stream rant about up-and-coming rappers having no new unique sound, legendary rapper and producer Dr. Dre voiced his agreement as per an Instagram post by The Jasmine Brand.

A few weeks ago, the “Bartender” rapper showcased a few music snippets from new rappers that provided no diversity to their sounds. As his frustration grew, T-Pain spewed out his two cents on the matter as he yearns for artists to “show him something different.”

“Holy shit,” T-Pain exclaims. “We have it. We have it already. You don’t have to do that music anymore. We have the music already. We have Lil Baby, we have DaBaby, we have Lil Uzi Vert, we have Lil Yachty. We have Lil everybody. Do something else. Holy shit.”

Dr. Dre harmonizes with the autotune MC stating that new artists are coming up with sounds that are completely identical as there are too many similarities to their sonics and cadences.

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