The Multimillionaire Who Bought Kingship In Awkuzu, Anambra State

Late Igwe John Ejikeme Nebeolisa, it would be recalled, used to be one of the most popular multi-millionaires of the 1990s from the East.

He was known to be a close buddy of Victor Okafor aka “Ezego” which translates as the king of money in Igbo language. John Nebeolisa during prime was everything a Nigerian man wished to be in life, expensive cars like the limousine, Porsche, Peugeot Chasis, he moved with bodyguards and in convoy, whatever it is that was in trend back in the 1990s name it John Nebeolisa aka Joneb had it all.

Joneb had businesses all over the eastern region, and so many landed properties in Lagos and overseas. His businesses spanned from hotels, travel agencies and other controversial setups.

He made so much money then from his controversial businesses and also spent it as if it was going out of fashion. The late king of high life music, Oliver de Coque sang his praises to high heavens in his albums.

At some point he dedicated an attire album to the owner of the once popular Joneb Holiday Inn in Awkuzu.

Amid all these wealth and power, Joneb still wasn’t satisfied with all he has achieved as a multi-millionaire in his forties.

The controversial businessman Joneb wanted more power and fame to the extent he went toe to toe with age long tradition of Igbo land, specifically that of Anambra State and declared his intention of becoming the King of Awkuzu, a town in Oyi local government area in Anambra State.

After the death of King Aganama the fourth, the throne was forcefully taken by the Late King John Nnebeolisa.

Most of the elders of the town, dignitaries and the Igwe in council thought the multi-millionaire was bluffing until he stormed their houses one by one with bags full of naira notes that anyone opposing his ambition has ever seen in their entire generation.

Joneb was so rich that he practically bought his way into the throne. He bought every single person that had a tiny reason to object to his ambition, name your price and see it doubled in your face.

It was through Joneb that I knew kingship can be bought and everything on earth has its price.

When the price was paid for his ascencion to the throne of Awkuzu, Joneb along with all his aides on his side was crowned Igwe Ibilibe Ogada and Arusi Awkuzu which translates as (The biggest the town has ever seen and the Oracle of the whole kingdom of Awkuzu)

Joneb occupied the throne of Awkuzu for 10 years before dying in his home in Lagos while watching Tv with his family.

The family he left behind after his death was a young one and they weren’t mentally or physically prepared to continue his legacy as the Arusi Awkuzu, so eventually the family he forcefully took the throne from later ended up with their birth right.

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