A Silent Achiever, Adam Mouktar Mohammed

The man Adam Mouktar Mohammed, despite being a sport lover and a talented sportsman, he is also an intellectual with a strong academic background and sound foundation.
He has a good background in Accounting and Economics (American Intercontinental University, London), finance, (Middlesex university, London) and stock broker training in London.

The most important part of these is that, he has a sound mind.
It is no surprise or doubt to us that a man of his calibre and academic excellence will perform in any responsibility or task he is saddled with, and he’s currently doing that in the capacity of Federal Capital Territory (FCT) FA chairman. He’s excellence personified.

In terms of carrying out responsibilities and performing his duties he’s like no other, he’s so meticulous and does things like a true professional and one would be tempted to add, like the ‘whites’.. not having the ‘Nigerian lackadaisical attitude’ towards achieving lasting success.

Adam Mouktar Mohammed, a FIFA licensed agent who has developed so many talents in Nigeria and other part of the world through ‘FC Hearts’ an amateur club which was founded in 1999 because of the humane love he has for young talents and for football.
In his personal capacity as an individual and a lover of the round leather game, he gave lots of opportunity to young talents in the country of which has brought many dreams to reality.

Fondly, they call him ‘gwamnati’ (government) because of his selfless service to humanity irrespective of your tribe or religion.
A lot of people wonder how he does so much as an individual repeatedly and never gets tired.. the reason he was nicknamed ‘gwamnati’, because they say “it takes only a government to do what he’s doing as an individual”. Maybe, he was born to do this one would say as well.
Many families are dependent on him for livelihood, eventhough the numbers are increasing by the day he keeps touching lives nevertheless.

The FC Hearts is a place for nurturing and grooming young talents; U-15, U-17 and the senior category, from young and innocent to great and responsible stars in the world.
Even the coaches and officials are not left out.. a beautiful welfare package where cars, houses and reasonable remuneration is provided to make the job easier. You would want to ask,.. how are the players treated? The question could simply be answered in likewise manner!

Adam Mouktar Mohammed, is a successful manager and a business man who renowned players have passed through and are still coming through.. the likes of Macaulay Chrisantus top scorer 2007 U-17 world cup, Musa Mohammed captain of the U-17 world cup winning team Dubai 2013, Francis Daniel, Ibrahim Usman members of the recent U-17 world cup in Brazil, Paul Mukairu, Abdulsalam Magashi, Muazzam AKA ‘Ortega’, Ifeanyi Mathew and Stanley Iheanacho the rising star the list is endless…

The kano born manager has a big heart no wonder FC Hearts is where so much good is emanating from. And the most amazing part is that, he makes little or no noise about these things, a perfect gentleman. A silent achiever indeed! Going into his business life will be another complete write up on it’s own.

So much love and empathy flows from him, he spends his resources on people, even those he has never met before. He’s an amazing personality who exudes so much goodness. A great philanthropist and a rare gem..
If we say so much reward awaits such a man here on earth, we didn’t speak amiss knowing fully well that God’s reward is certainly there for him at the end of it all.
‘More grease to your elbow’ like they say..

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