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Jason Ryder Launches Out With Debut EP ‘Come Into My World’ a Unique Sound

The debut release is an Extended Play titled “Come Into My World”

It is titled so because the music you hear from Jason Ryder takes you to another musical environment so different from present day musicians.

This EP was released on Saturday,16th July 2022. It isn’t up to a week yet, but the figures from digital platforms have been amazing even though there has been no paid promotions or playlisting for this release. One of my listeners said the reason is because “everyone loves good music as long as they can gain easy access to it.”

The EP is composed of 4 singles.

1) Every Bit Of My Heart.
2) Swindler. 3) When You’re In Need. 4) Run Your Race.

Click the link below to enjoy..

About Jason Ryder:

Jason Ryder is a Nigerian born musician. His style of music has been in development for two decades and has influence from several great musicians from the 50s era to the late 2000s.
Jason was exposed to great music at a very tender age by his late father who had a great catalogue of music collections from the 50s to the 90s.

Having been influenced by great music at home, he decided to fully commit to music in the early 2000s. However, he had numerous road blocks and challenges, the very least being the definition of his sound. He decided to keep experimenting and not officially release any musical work until he has discovered the vital components of this sound. He believes that who ever you are, you are individually distinct. This was why, other challenges aside, he stayed this long experimenting till he found the unique musical ingredients to make him distinct and conspicuously visible in the midst of the greatest multitudes of music makers.

His sound can be defined as hybrid/eclectic as it is a most unique combination of musical characteristics from various music legends of the past, several styles and genres all in one holistic masterpiece. Some might also call it multi-genre. I look forward to what you would call it. Jason Ryder has discovered his sound hence this official release. He anticipates that the whole world would enjoy it, and so, if the sound moves you, then let it groove you.
Stand up and move to the rhythm!!!!

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