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Nigeria’s Celebrity Chef, Hilda Baci Has Been Dethrone By Alan Fisher

It was a beautiful year for young and enterprising chef from Nigeria, Hilda Baci who has enjoyed the world stage as the longest chef to have cooked for 93hours plus.

Hilda came to world reckoning in May 2023 and has graced many red carpers as a celebrated chef. The 27-years-old Nigerian chef just got dethroned.

Alan Fisher from Ireland, an owner and chef of a restaurant in Japan, has broken two cooking-related Guinness World Records titles.

Alan Fisher during the cooking marathon for the Guinness World Record

Alan learned about the longest cooking marathon record in March while he was participating in the “I Love Ireland” festival in Tokyo. During this festival, Alan stood inside a rented kitchen car and stayed overnight twice.

During a break, he searched on the internet to find out that the record at the time was held by Lata Tondon (India) with a time of 87 hours 45 minutes. Then in May, Alan realized that Hilda Baci had extended the record to 93 hours and 11 minutes.

The new Guinness World Record holder for the longest cooking marathon, Alan Fisher, 114 hours 42minutes and 37.9 seconds

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