The Innovator, The Transformer Adam Mouktar Mohammed

Setting a target and making sure you achieved it is a hallmark of greatness. When you now surpass that target, be it personal or for the good of the society you have endeared yourself to posterity and in the hearts of the people.

Adam Mouktar Mohammed has brought light and direction to the Federal Capital Territory FA through innovation, transformation and vision. And the vision is so clear such that one could see where he wants the FCT Football Association to be in few years under his watch.

He’s always looking for new opportunities to better the FCT and the country at large, because it is the only and best way we could describe what he did by making sure a sport that came into existence in less than ten years ago is already happening in Nigeria, talking about TEQBALL. It’s a new game and it acceptability is enormous in Hungary where it was created, even around the world.

Teqball was founded in 2012 and one of the fastest growing sports in the world, in fact the FA chairman said at the Teqball exhibition match he sponsored in the FCT, “It is a game that is spreading so fast and would be the toast of both the young and old.”
Teqball, a new football-based sport played over a curved table and it has in combination both table tennis and football elements. What a great feat!

When we talk about innovation, the FCT FA chairman, Adam Mouktar Mohammed is second to none. Look at what he did in the hit of the covid-19 pandemic and has sustained it till date.. he created a website immediately to raise funds, awareness and support for the victims. In the past, other administrators will design programs in such situation only when there is a nod but he’s an exceptional manager who is proactive and manages the affairs of FCT FA at optimal level.

Abba Mouktar is a supporter of good progressive programs, one of such programs is the ‘Hiking Against Rape’ campaign late last year by Fame Foundation, he was actively involved, gave maximum support and lend his voice as one of the special guests and speaker.

The partnership between the FCT FA and top clubs in the world, clubs like Bayern Munich and Juventus is a transformation that will see our youths develop in their thousands and at the end a significant number of them in the country will benefit from it, coaches, referees inclusive.

As if that was all.. for the very first time in the FCT, a Beach Soccer competition was successfully held at the jabi lake, which alot of people never saw coming, gains were made.
The FCT female league is one league the visionary chairman and his indefatigable team are currently strategizing on, to make it a super league.
What can we say to such a man?
All thanks to this visionary chairman!

“Where there’s is a will and vision anything is achievable”
More strength! More health!! Long live!!!



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  1. A. Adam muktar is indeed a useful and transparent leader that only God can mention or estimate his reward in Life long live African, long live Nigeria, long live FCT, long live Adam muktar may Allah continue to uplift you in all aspects of life.this are the type of people we strongly need in our dear country Nigeria.

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