Xmouth Farm ft. Slyvester Madu – We Celebrate

There’s something about good music – it transcends barriers, criss-crosses cultures, pleasure souls, and uplift moods.

The super-talented duo, Eastmoland and HeavyJayMouth, popularly known by the stage name ” deliver this super Afro-Gospel danceable joint, that will certainly animate your feet into dancing mood in praise and thanksgiving to God, for your victories in Christ .

The deep and inspiring lyrical content of this song highlights and celebrates the victorious Christian life.
So have you ever had your backs against the ropes? Have you ever been knocked down for the count, but emerge miraculously, in spite of the odds against you? Then this song is your victory anthem.

It’s interesting to know that the duo are active members of the The LoveWorld Music and Art Ministry (LMAM), a gospel brand, renowned for producing some of the finest gospel music ministers in the world.
They have also released popular hits like
< Keep preaching the gospel >
< Imela >
< Celebrating >
< New Dance >

This song is recommended to everyone.



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