14th Time and Current UEFA Champions, Real Madrid Unveils Antonio Rüdiger

Antonio Rüdiger: In a press conference at his unveiling said how excited he was coming to the biggest club in Europe, Real Madrid.

“The most important thing here is to win, it has been shown over the years by lifting many titles. Whatever happens outside, the team always comes out to win.”

“Real Madrid have very good players, particularly in my position, that’s normal. But I have enormous self-confidence and I’m going to add competitiveness, because that’s very good for a team. I’m very excited and I’m looking forward to it.”

“The game against Real Madrid was a special one, very intense. It was the first time I played at the Bernabéu and for me there were incredible emotions. After the third goal there was still a good atmosphere in the stadium.”

“The first contact with Real Madrid was in September 2021, at the beginning, with my agent. The second, in which I already spoke directly with Ancelotti, was in April. This was the key moment, because I made my decision to play in Madrid.”

“I really like to laugh, dance… but all the jokes are always off the pitch, on the pitch I’m very serious. My contribution is my fighting spirit, my leadership, but Rome wasn’t built in two days! So the first thing is to learn Spanish.”

“I spoke with Ancelotti and he told me that he liked me, that he trusted me and that I could help the team. At my age, that’s enough. Obviously at Real Madrid there is a lot of competition, but I’m ready.”

“There are many idols I had as a child, but if I had to choose one, I’d say Pepe. He has some characteristics that I love: on the pitch he’s a monster and off the pitch he’s a very nice person.”

“What Real Madrid did in the Champions League is something I wouldn’t even know how to describe. Incredible, incredible. When the final was played I already knew I was going to come and I was cheering for them. I loved that they won.”

“After all, this is a huge club. I know that I am taking a huge step and I’m a person who tries to enjoy the pressure. I do what I love and I consider myself lucky. This pressure is a pressure that I like.”

“I like the number 2, but Carvajal has it. So I had to choose between 12 or 22, and I chose the second. It’s not something I’ve given much thought to, honestly, I just liked it.”

“Yes, there was interest from Barcelona, ​​but I told my brother (his representative) that what I wanted was to come to Real Madrid. About Mbappé, I don’t know him personally, it’s his business.”

“My family is delighted, because they know how big Real Madrid are. They don’t know much about football, but they know Real Madrid. I spoke with my wife… and it was a quick decision.”

“I don’t want to compare the difference between playing for Chelsea and Real Madrid. All the clubs I’ve played for have been very important for my career. Here at Madrid there is a lot of pressure, but you have to know how to enjoy it.”

“Seeing the 14 European cups together was impressive. That sums up what this club is and what its goal is: to win. I want to be part of this history.”

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