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55 Year-old William Ruto Defeated Raila Odinga To Become Kenyan President-elect

Kenya’s Deputy President William Samoei Arap Ruto has been elected as the country’s next President, the electoral commission announced Monday, defeating 77year-old Raila Odinga.

Ruto won with 50.49% of the vote, narrowly defeating veteran opposition leader and former Prime Minister Raila Odinga, who was contesting his fifth election.

William is currently serving as the deputy president of Kenya since 2013. In the 2013 presidential election, Ruto was elected the Deputy President alongside President Uhuru Kenyatta under the Jubilee Alliance ticket.

He will become Kenya’s fifth President since independence, winning the seat on his first attempt. Ruto’s party, the Kenya First coalition, has won a majority of seats in Kenya’s senate, the second highest in the National Assembly.

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