A Nigerian Sociologist From Keffi, Nura Shehu Ahmad Louds Karim Benzema’s Hard Work Over The Years

For years, Karim Benzema took the back seat and made sacrifices on the pitch for other stars to shine. He did the dirty work, dropped deep, created chances, and literally worked for the team with little to no recognition.

Then, when we needed a leader in the attack, he stood up and rose to the occasion. Still, never complained about anything and kept asking himself how he can help the team or what the team needs from him.

He never asked for hefty wages, never created any drama with his agents, never threatened to leave to get a better contract. He just served the club with all he had, without ever wanting anything in return for himself.

I can’t tell you how content I am to see this man finally getting all the love and affection from the world of football. Finally, everyone sees him for his work rate, and rate his calibre which is second to none — literally top-notch!

Kids should look up to him, and aspire to be like him. To serve and work hard. Even after playing for Madrid for a decade, he still didn’t get much recognition. Not that he’s after such fame, but he was persistent and now the whole world is in awe. So, that’s literally a life lesson. Perseverance and dedication is the key, sooner or later, the rewards will follow.

The rightful candidate to win the Ballon d’Or 2022!

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