A Rare Performance Of Two Reggae Icons, Peter and Bob After Their Breakup

The last time the two legendary reggae singers Peter Tosh & Bob Marley were seen performing together outside Jamaica. It was a show on July 22 1978 at Starlight Amphitheater.

As Bob began to sing his final encore of “Get Up Stand Up” when loping across the stage with massive strides, Peter Tosh appeared just at the part of the song where he came in on the record. As he reached for the microphone, Bob suddenly caught sight of him and he broke out into the most massive grin, Grand Canyon-wide with delighted surprise.

Peter never missed a beat, and the two hugged each other and acted as if they’d never been separated. It was the only time they would ever appear together outside of Jamaica after the breakup of the group, a piece of history that, sadly, most people in the audience didn’t realize was happening.

A few years later, just after Bob died Peter was interviewed by Chilli Charles “L.A. Reggae” a cable tv show, Chilli Charles asked him whether Bob had known he was going to come out on stage that evening?
Peter replied “No,” and he said, indicating that it was the Spirit that had moved him spontaneously and “whatsoever the Spirit tell me to do, I do.”

What else did he (Peter) remember of that night? “Well,” he drawled, thick smoke pouring from his nostrils, “I remember we go backstage and Bob clapped my hand and say, ‘Bwoi, the Pope feel that one!’”

Then he laughed and, staring straight into the camera in his most terrifying tone, announced, “And three days later, the Pope died!”

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