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Ace Broadcaster Moji Danisa Teamed Up With Funmi Waheed Adekojo And Debie Rise For ‘OBINRIN’

Moji Danisa

Moji Danisa (MD) is a mother and seasoned journalist, broadcaster who has written her name in gold in the Nigerian space. An astute and dogged woman. In achieving her goals and set target she’s second to known.. she has fought and advocated for the liberation of Nigerian citizens in her own way, especially women and children. We have not had enough of the TV show ‘Break It Down’ yet which is barely 2 years.. and now she has dropped ‘OBINRIN’ again like ‘a master card player who is dropping his joker one after the other when you least expect.’

Funmi Waheed Adekojo

OBINRIN is a TV show anchored by Moji Danisa, Funmi Waheed Adekojo and Deborah Rise popurlaly known as Debie Rise. Former BIG brother 9ja house mate. This was inspired by the song ‘Obinrin’ by Funmi Waheed Adekojo an Engineer per excellence and she happens to be one of the anchors. As the name implies ‘OBINRIN’ which means woman is one TV show we have not seen in such a long time in Nigeria and like one of their caption says.. “Woman, encompasses creation itself. After HE created Adam, God rested yet it was not complete until Woman was created.” Who would imagine a world without women!

Debie Rise

The show is coming to you on TSTV the new bride in town when it comes to cable TV.  Channel 102, BRTV on TSTV.

We say a BIG CONGRATULATIONS to MD and the team!!

Moji Danisa (MD)

Watch the debut of ‘OBINRIN’ below;

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