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Afro Reggae Poet Don Ketchy Has This To Say In Closer ‘N’ Closer

Ketchy Dons is of the world first, before he became an African, and then a Nigerian. He is neither exceptional except for his uniqueness as a human being of course nor ready to commit suicide just to prove a point. He belongs to the class of people who thinks they can change the world….

A little at a time …. by believing and breathing life to that unique gift which the Most High put across our way . His journey in music started in 1983, although he had to park this ambition so that he could concentrate on getting higher education, raising family and generally paying his dues in the rat race. He plays the guitar like a child that is learning the basic rules of walking… ha ha ha ha. Even though he falls more times than he walks, he still figures out a way of using this little knowledge to give direction to his songs. What else? He loves a good laugh, most especially when he is laughing at himself.

Don Ketchy if you like, as he is popularly called is a talented Afro reggae poet who has depth in his delivery which will leave you yearning for more..

This audio speaks for itself, it is titled ‘Closer N Closer’..

Download Closer ‘N’ Closer Mp3

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