Cameroonian Ngannou Set To Fight Tyson Fury After Quitting UFC For Boxing

Francis Zavier Ngannou (born 5 September 1986) is a Cameroonian-French professional mixed martial artist and professional boxer who is currently signed to the Professional Fighters League (PFL).

He also competed in the Heavyweight division in the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), where he was the reigning UFC Heavyweight Champion at the time of his departure from the promotion.

Ngannou parted ways with the UFC earlier this year to begin a new chapter in his combat sports career. He signed with the PFL and will also make his professional boxing debut in October in a super fight against Fury.

Talks of a matchup between Ngannou and Fury have been prevalent for years. To prepare for arguably the biggest test of his fighting career, Ngannou has requested the help of the Boxing Hall of Famer Tyson, and expects the results of his labor to pay with big dividends.

Not a lot has been shared regarding the details of Ngannou and Tyson’s collaboration, but Ngannou feels he’s already grown in two specific ways since teaming up.

“The footwork and transitions, that’s been really amazing,” Ngannou said.
“What doesn’t matter is what he’s saying,” Ngannou declared. “What matters is what’s going to happen in Saudi, and what’s going to happen is he’ll hit the canvas, I can tell you that. I know he’s going to the canvas. He’s good at coming back up, we’ll see how good he is, but he’s definitely hitting the canvas.”

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