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Chinua Achebe Rejected $1million From 50Cent To Use The Name ‘Things Fall Apart’

In 1958, Nigeria’s🇳🇬 Chinua Achebe wrote his first novel book “Things Fall Apart” at the age of 28, which has sold over 20 million copies and has been translated to over 50 languages.

• It was ranked as one of the Greatest Books Ever Written in a list by Encyclopedia Brittanica in 2018.

• It was on number 5 on BBC’s 100 Stories That Shaped The World.

• It was also among the 100 books that were featured on the TV series, The Great American Read.

• In 2011, Chinua Achebe forced 50 Cent to rename his forthcoming new movie “Things Fall Apart”. He was contacted by Achebe’s legal team that he couldn’t use the title. Even when he offered Achebe $1 million dollars, Achebe felt insulted and rejected the money. 50 Cent later re-named his movie “All Things Fall Apart”.

Source: Kbaba Love Doctor

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