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Ex-wife of Roman Abramovich, Irina Is Really Worried That Her $650 Million Fortune Is Under Threat Because Of Sanctions

A former security guard who travelled the world with Abramovich told the UK’s Sun newspaper that Irina Abramovich is “living in fear” that her posh lifestyle may become a thing of the past.
The ex-wife of Roman Abramovich, according to reports, is holed up in her London mansion, worried that her $650 million fortune could be under threat because of sanctions.

Irina, a 55-year-old former flight attendant, who had five children with Abramovich before their 2007 divorce, has not come under official pressure over her ex’s money yet, the Sun reported.

The former security guard told the Sun, “There’s wealth and riches – and then there’s Roman Abramovich-inspired money. It sparked opulence off the scale.”

Irina “was always Harrods’ No 1 customer,” the guard said.

“She got designer clothes by the ton. She’s the Imelda Marcos of London.”

The former guard added, “Irina is usually out on the town every night. Now she doesn’t know where to turn. She fears her UK days are over for good.”

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