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Femi Otedola Shower Praises On Aliko Dangote As Refinery Commences Production

Billionaire businessman, Femi Otedola has congratulated his dear friend and business colleague, the richest man in Africa, Aliko Dangote for the commencement of operation at his $20Billion refinery.

The refinery was commissioned by former President Buhari and it was supposed to have taken off immediately but circumstances surrounding the operations left many aloof. Today, the story is different, see how Otedola eulogizes Dangote posted on his X social media space;

“I heartily congratulate my bestie @AlikoDangote as the 8th Wonder of the World – the $20 Billion (Twenty Billion Dollars) @DangoteGroup Refinery – officially commences production. The Dangote Petrochemical Complex, which consists of the world’s largest single-train 650,000 barrels per day Petroleum Refinery, a 1 million metric tonnes of Polypropylene per-annum facility, and two of the world’s largest Fertilizer Trains – with a capacity of producing 3 Million Tonnes of Urea – is much more than just an industrial milestone; it’s a testament to the visionary leadership and relentless pursuit of excellence of one of Africa’s finest and most dogged patriots.

“I had a front-row seat as this vision was conceptualized and took shape. And I am familiar with the sleepless nights you’ve had to work through over the last decade to bring this dream to fruition.

“This refinery is a beacon of hope for millions of Nigerians and Africans. It is also at the vanguard of championing environmental sustainability. With its Carbon capture technologies and storage processes it will capture up to 90%+ of the CO2 emitted and also play a significant role in reducing Well-to-tank carbon emissions from crude oil maritime transportation, thereby playing its own role in helping Nigeria meet its target for net-zero emissions by 2060.

“The Refinery recircles 100% of its water. The heat coming out of the process is fully captured to produce 50MW of Power. Dangote is also producing Euro 5 to replace the bad Euro 5 that has been dumped in Africa for a long time. Shipping 65,000 barrels per day of crude out of Nigeria and 650kbpd in refined products to Nigeria and nearby countries which is 480 ships of 1m barrels per day will save 1.5m to 2.5m tons of CO2 emissions. This will help the environment.

“By meeting our requirements for all refined petroleum products, it will champion energy security and independence for our nation and act as a catalyst for a new era of prosperity for the subcontinent. It promises economic transformation for Nigerians today and for generations to come.

Congratulations, @AlikoDangote . Africa is proud of you! …F.Ote $

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