Having A Presence On Social Media Helps No One, Because There Is No Polling Unit On Twitter – Reno Omokri

All the Northerners you see in this photo may not have Twitter profiles, but they ALL have Permanent Voter Cards. One thing you must admire about them is their willingness to leave their farms, trades, jobs and business to stay on that queue, rain or shine, until they vote. This is how you get power, not by tweeting!

In 2019, the SE registered 10.05 million voters. But, only 2.09 million voted, which is 19%. Meanwhile, the NW registered 20.1 million voters. And 8.2 million voted. Which is 40%.

All the other regions (SW, NE, NC and SS) had an average of 30% voter turnout. The LOWEST voter turnout out in 2019 was from the SE.

Having a presence on social media helps no one, because there is no polling unit on Twitter. Therefore, stop complaining about rigging and find out why people in the SE do NOT come out to vote like other regions.

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