How Portugal and The World Betrayed CR7 After All He’s Done, A Fan Explains

A fan has penned down a heart felt letter for whoever cares to listen and those he felt did not give C. Ronaldo the support he needed as at when it was critically needed.

“As much as I might love and respect Leo Messi, Cristiano will remain the greatest for me. And I feel so bad the world has turned against him after all he has given to the beautiful game. Portugal does not deserve the tears he spilled while singing his country’s anthem in his fifth World Cup.

He literally put Portugal in the world map. They had qualified in only 3 major tournaments before he made his debut and after his debut, Portugal qualified for all the major tournaments. He lead his country to the EURO 2016 and carried them to several World Cups when they were in the play-offs. He was clutch in all of them. That game against Zlatan’s Sweden will remain in history forever.

After breaking the world record for most international goals ever, he was left on the bench by his coach in a World Cup knockout game, in his final World Cup tournament of his career. They paid for it. They ruined him. Imagine, there were Portugese people asking for him to be benched. That’s the peak of ungratefulness.

Argentinian people love Messi with all their heart, they would do everything for him, they were after him in every moment. Cristiano was treated differently. They did him dirty. The place he called home, Manchester United turned the back to him too after he single handedly gave them an european spot this season in the UEFA competitions, scoring 24 goals throughout the season and clutch goals in the UCL. Without his goals, United would have sit bottom of the group.

Cristiano Ronaldo was really betrayed by the people he loved the most. He didn’t deserve an ending like this.”

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