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Humanity: African Player Of The Year, Sadio Mane Got His Driver a Deal at Bayern

Sadio Mane got his friend who doubled as his driver a new Bayern Munich deal, this is a crazy story.

Desire Ségbé Azankpo recently signed a professional contract with one of the best teams in the world, Bayern Munich, all thanks to his friend Mane, whom he met in the Metz inferiors a decade ago. Although they both took their first steps in football together, their careers were totally different. While Mane triumphed in Senegal, Southampton and Liverpool, Ségbé roamed through unknown leagues such as Romania’s second, France’s third, and England’s fifth.

Recently, Ségbé ran out of a club, and therefore, out of a job. Mane decided to hire him as his personal driver, although he thought this help was not enough for his friend. Then he requested the Bayern Munich management to invite his friend for a trial. Ségbé gave the trail his all and got signed by the club, directed by Martin Demichelis.

Sadio Mane doesn’t have an ordinary heart, he’s a very special person and player! God bless Sadio Mane.

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