“I Hate Ingrate” – Nyesom Wike To Governor Sim Fubara

Former Rivers State Governor, leader of the defunct G-5 and now Minister of FCT, Nyesom Wike in a Press Chat earlier today stated this fact, that one thing he detest so much in his life is an ingrate.

The minister when chatting with a group of pressmen in the federal capital territory, Abuja made this clear. Wike who has embarked on so many reforms in the FCT kept his viewers spellbound by carefully laying it precept upon precept the transformational would be gains in the ‘Renewed Hope’ mandate to support President Bola Ahmed Tinubu.

The Minister told journalists that he’s working assiduously to see that the President in his first year in office makes tremendous gains by visibly displaying projects.

Wike, when asked about Governor Sim Fubara and the poported impeachment; the former Governor replied that is impeachment enough reasons to burn down the State Assembly? Even if there’s an impeachment attempt(assuming but not conceding) did he called me? Citing the Governor who God gave a gift, he didn’t do any work to get to where he’s today yet he’s the one who is now bringing trouble to the state.

The Minister said, you can’t fully say you know anyone until you give him or her money and power. Laying emphasis on the political structures in Rivers State, that he won’t allow anyone crumble what they have built over the years with hard work.

From the look of things, the Minister is not letting anything go because he has maintained his stance on the matter, and he said people can make of it whatever they will but at the fullness of time he will surely come out victorious like always

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