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Jose Mourinho Sent Marcel Schmelzer Of Dortmund To Tell Ozil An Unbelievable Thing

The audacity of Jose Mourinho, the special is one phenomenon the world of football will never forget even in ages to come. How can you explain when a coach sent his opponent to his player in the pitch of play on what to do which later caused the opposing team the match, from a 2-1 winning already to a draw?.. Here’s how Schmelzer narrated it…

“While I was ready to play a throw-in, I was surprised by Mourinho next to me talking to me seriously as if he was giving me instructions.

“Go to Ozil and tell him he must go forward in the middle faster!” he said, approaching my ear.

“I looked at him in amazement and didn’t respond to him, but after I entered the stadium and arrived next to Ozil, I told him what he said involuntarily.

“What surprised me most was that Ozil nodded to his coach that he knew the instructions as if it was normal! ..

The funniest thing is that the result was a 2-1 lead for Dortmund, after which Ozil managed to equalize.

Schmelzer, the Dortmund player, on Mourinho’s instructions..

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