Like Father Like Son: Cristiano Jr Wins Saudi U13 Premier League For Al Nassr

Cristiano Jr has lifted the Saudi Premier League trophy before his father as he led the Al Nassr U13 side to victory on Sunday, March 3, 2024.

Cristiano Ronaldo Jr with the Saudi U13 League trophy

Cristiano Jr is the son of Portuguese super star, Cristiano Ronaldo.. Jr is one of the major forces in the young Al Nassr side. It was a delightful thing to see him do that before his father, lift the trophy among his teammates.

The Al Nassr fans were very excited, many of them complimented the youngsters for their focus and dedication as the future is bright for the club.

Cristiano Ronaldo is still battling to win his first Saudi Pro League for Al Nassr.

Saudi U13 Premier League winners, 2024

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