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Man Arrested In Connection With Tupac Shakur’s Shooting After 26 Years

Duane Keith Davis also known as “Keefe D”, the man who admitted to being in the car used to gun down Tupac Shakur in 1996, was arrested Friday morning by Las Vegas police in connection with the death of the legendary rapper, according to the Associated Press.

Specific charges accompanying the arrest were “not immediately clear,” according to two officials familiar with the arrest who were cited by the Associated Press, which reported the officials were not authorized to speak publicly about an expected indictment Friday.

The arrest comes more than two months after the home of Davis’ wife was reportedly searched by the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department—a probe that resulted in two people being detained.

This arrest may have come after admitting sometime ago in an interview to have been in the very scene of the murder but it is yet to be disclosed.

Source: Associated Press/Forbes

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