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Mixed Reaction Trails As Former President, GEJ Celebrates 66th Birthday

Dr. Ebele Goodluck Azikiwe Jonathan GCFR, GCON popularly called, GEJ was born in the 20th day of November 1957, he’s former President of Nigeria from 2010-2015.

Dr. Good-luck Jonathan handed over power to then opposition party, the All Progressive Congress (APC) now ruling party to it Presidential candidate Gen. Muhammadu Buhari who went ahead to become Nigeria’s President for 8 years and the rest is now history..

President Good-luck and wife, Dame Patience Jonathan

GEJ was famous for his speech or statement if you like; “my ambition is not worth the blood of any Nigerian!” This and many more from the peace maker who many thought was paying lips-service until he made that famous call to Gen. Buhari while the election was ongoing even though he could have acted otherwise.

On this occasion of his 66th birthday, many are eulogizing him with beautiful words while some are not happy with him for conceding to APC, and now look at where we are today.

President Good-luck Jonathan representing Nigeria at the United Nations Conference

Part of those celebrating him is Senator Shehu Sani, the famous hairy Senator from Kaduna;

“There are four things ex President Jonathan did that may not be repeated by any other President in the nearest future:APPOINTED an Inec chairman he never knew and never met.APPROVED the use of a data capturing system in the election that led to his eviction from power.REQUESTED the opposition candidate to nominate one Inec commissioner.DISAGREED with the outcome of an election but went ahead and congratulated the Winner for the sake of peace and unity in the country.
To the Doves,he is a man of peace,true nationalist and a patriot and to the Hawks,he was a timid compromiser.GEJ save the country in its most critical and crucial moments.
Happy Birthday ex President Goodluck.”

Happy 66th Birthday Dr. Good-luck Ebele Jonathan!

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