My Advice To Citizens Sam Omatseye (The Obi-tuary Man), Reno Omokri et al – Prof Chris Nwaokobia Jnr

There is a sweltering harmattan of discontent across the land, there is anger in the space, there is hunger everywhere, there is joblessness and unemployment across the space, as hopelessness liters the very place where hope once held sway.

The OBI-diently Yus-ful are not rude and or intemperate, they are victims of a failed system, they WANT to TAKE BACK their COUNTRY for good. They are tired of the OLD. They see in Peter Obi and Datti Baba Ahmed a way to end the jangling discord of poverty, disease, despondency and corruption that defines Nigeria. And their LOYALTY is to Nigeria, not necessarily to Peter Obi, Datti Baba Ahmed or the Labour Party, if you know, you know. So, when you fight, denigrate, disparage and insult Peter Obi, they consider it an insult to the future they crave. They see you as a hater of good, and a purveyor of evil. Get it real, the support is REAL, the following is ORGANIC, and there is a Ballot Based Peaceful Peoples Revolution sweeping through the nation. Only the discerning knows.

Get it straight, you are not up against Peter Obi, you are up against Citizens who want a New Deal for our Dear Country, you are up against students who have been at home on account of ASUU Strike for upward of 5months, you are up against Citizens of a nation that has become largely unsafe. You are up against victims of insecurity, unemployment, hunger, want and poverty. You cannot therefore in selling your OLD worn out products disparage their image of the NEW. Only the discerning will understand this truism.

The Rescue Nigeria Movement that you see across the land is indiscriminate of creed or clan. It is indiscriminate of Region or Religion, so be guided. You provoke the youthful paladins of this redemptive voyage when you try to cast the movement in ethnic and religious colours, so be wise. The ills they seek to correct through the Obi and Datti 2023 Ticket is a national one, do not paint it with ethnic or sectional colours, because it won’t stick.

Hunger. Insecurity. Unemployment. Poverty. Banditry. Poor Health Care. Lack of Electricity. Academic Strike…et al does not know your tribe, religion or region, so the redemptive train will definitely not spare those who seek to divide us along religious and regional lines. Only the discerning will understand.

Across the nation is what I call politics unusual, study the tide and mark your strides. A NEW NIGERIA BECKONS. A NEW NIGERIA IS POSSIBLE.

Folks, with Peter Obi and Datti Baba Ahmed, WE MOVE, WE WIN.

God Bless Nigeria.

Chris Mustapha Nwaokobia Jnr.
Is The Profusely, Profoundly and Passionately OBI-dient and Yus-ful Convener of COUNTRYFIRST MOVEMENT

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