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Pastor, Activist And Former Presidential Aid Reno Omokri Said ‘Asking God For Money Is A Waste Of Time’

Asking God for money is futile. Money only exists here on Earth. Even Christ never used His Hand to touch money while He was on Earth. Research it. He literally never touched money. He was above it. In Luke 20:24, He told the Pharisees to “show me a denarius”. He did not ask them to ‘give me a denarius’. Very big difference. Judas held His money for Him. What exists in heaven is wisdom. So, ask God for wisdom. Then convert wisdom into ideas that produce money. Over dependence on prayer is one of the Black man’s burdens. You have a brain in your head. Use it well and your wealth will swell.

It is an insult to God to ask Him to give you money, when He already anticipated your need for money and gave you a functioning brain. If Black Africans can just limit religion to a means of attaining salvation, our continent will thrive, like Asia is thriving. But as long as we see religion as a means to financial gain, we will keep chasing shadows. And chasing shadows results in frustration!

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