Reno Omokri Gushes Over Lookalike Daughter, Takes Her Out On A Lunch Date

Its a father and daughter affair as former presidential aid Reno Omokri flaunts his beautiful, young and lookalike daughter on social media earlier today. In an exciting post he praises her with such sweet words as seen below..

“Going on a lunch date with my beautiful lookalike daughter. Yes. You heard me right. Date. A father is the first love a daughter should have. Treat her like a queen and she will not fall for a guy that will treat her like a sin. Spend your best money on your children!

And if you have daughters, use your mouth to tell them you love them and that they are beautiful. Don’t think that they know. No. Until you open your mouth and tell it to them, they will have doubts. And when one wicked hater tells them they are ugly, they will believe that devilish lie and develop a complex.

So, if you have a daughter, stop reading this NOW and go and hail her. If she is not with you, then call her and hail her via phone! Meanwhile, my daughter’s beauty is natural. Her complexion is unaltered from her birth. No bone straight hair. Simple and natural. A reflection of her upbringing.”

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