Samuel Eto’o And The Cameroonian Football Federation, A Beautiful Synergy

With the emergence of Samuel Eto’o as the Cameroonian’s Football Federation President, what does that potent for the development of the round leather game in Cameroon and by extension, Africa? Samuel Eto’o is one of the most decorated players in Africa after Gorge Opong Weah, former world footballer and Liberia’s current president. Having won all titles at club levels in Europe and three-time Afcon champions in a row plus Africa’s best player severally, it is one prerequisite that he’s the most deserving among the contestants.

This in turn will be translated into modern day football management and the technological aspect away from the status quo of how African football is ran by ‘greedy’ old men. Eto’o is an experienced player who has worked on himself over the years concerning football management, it technical dynamics and the development.. maybe it was for this purpose and other higher responsibilities in the most cherished, popular game on earth.

No doubt he’s going to bring so much attention to Africa’s football and Cameroon in particular without any reservations, for the love and development thereof. However, he must be surrounded by those of like-minds to be able to succeed in carrying out the full developmental plans he has and the programs he’s bringing on board.
One area we are so certain about is, maximum attention will be giving to grassroot development and the ‘local’ or home based if you like players at large. We wish him well in this new task of moving Cameroonian football to the next level.

Congratulations Mr President, Samuel Eto’o Fils!

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