Statement That Got First ‘African’ Semifinalist Into Trouble With Football Lovers In Africa

Morocco has come under heavy criticism few days ago after they won their match against Spain. This was because of a statement made by the Moroccans which now put the Moroccans in the light of extremist.

Morocco and Africa Facts:

Morocco, Egypt, Algeria and Tunisia once applied to be part of Europe and not being considered part of Africa but were unfortunately rejected.

Yesterday, Sofiane Boufal’s comment after their win against Spain has sparked controversy among African football pundits, Analysts and Soccer fans..

“Thanks to all Moroccans all over the world for their support, to all Arab people, and to all Muslim people.”

That was a million dollars statement by Boufal which has not gone down well with most fans around Africa!

One pundit said they are Africans that’s why they play qualification matches against AFRICAN opponents.

But how true can that be if they can’t even acknowledge their mother continent with a simple mention?

Later on, Boufal made some clarification to indicate that “MOROCCO is also representing Africa and not only Arabs and Muslims” but that leaves a lot to be desired.

It is okay to keep calling them Africa but just know many of them are highly offended by it.

Source: ECA.

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