The Sculptor Cinematographer @Cine_boi


Gideon Chidi Chukwu AKA Cine_boi is a freelance cinematographer, a Nigerian from the eastern part based in lagos. He studied cinematography from the National Film institute (NFI) jos where he bagged an Advanced Diploma in Film and Arts.

Street Feel

He’s skilled in film production; camera operation, cinematography, television and especially street photography which has caught our attention.

When Duty calls
The Making

Cine_boi speaks English, Hausa, Igbo and other dialects in Nigeria which is good for his kind of craft.
The way he does photography one would be tempted to ask if he usually builds or draw the images? But you will agree to this by the array of pictures lined up here.

He’s a thoroughbred and prides himself as a street photographer by the way he tells his stories, in his words.. “.. I tell personal stories through my medium by creating compelling images.”

How He Tells It

Cine_boi has worked with international brands and has been involved in such productions because of his sagacity. Working with ace director like Meji Alabi, @wizkidayo is a pointer to this fact!

@wizkidayo’s SMILE

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