Tribute: Remembering The Life Of Jamaica’s Greatest Reggae Icon, Robert Nesta Marley

In September 23, 1980, Bob Marley collapsed while jogging in Central Park during his final #UprisingTour and he played his final gig in Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He then cancelled all remaining live dates and flew to Germany for a diet-based treatment. After eight months of unsuccessful treatment, the Gong flew home to Jamaica. On the flight home, his condition worsened and he was rushed to hospital on arrival in Miami, Florida, for medical attention. He died at the Cedars of Lebanon Hospital on the morning of #May11, 1981. He was 36. Bob Marley’s final words to his son Ziggy Marley were: “Money can’t buy life”. As a mark of respect, Robert Nesta #Bob Marley received a state funeral in Jamaica at the National Arena in Kingston on May 21, 1981. The music he had given the world blared from speakers, even as his body lay inside the arena. Bob Marley was buried in a crypt in his birthplace of #NineMiles, St Ann, with his red Gibson Les Paul guitar; a football; a marijuana stalk placed there by his wife RitaMarley a ring that had been given to him by Prince Asfa Wossen of Ethiopia; and a Bible opened at Psalm 23.

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