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UK Court: Former DSP Ike Ekweremadu and Wife, Mrs Beatrice Got Sentenced Today

UK court has sentenced former Deputy Senate President of Nigeria Ike Ekweremadu to nine years eight months in prison for organ trafficking plot.

This is despite the intervention of former President Olusegun Obasanjo, our national assembly and the ECOWAS, the UK courts went ahead exact their laws.

The wife of the former DSP, Mrs Beatrice Ike Ekweremadu also got a four years six months term. The doctor who was in the eye of the storm as the medical ‘middleman’, Dr Obinna Obeta got 10 years. His medical license as a medical doctor got suspended.

The conviction of Ekweremadu, his wife and the doctor was a result of the March 2022 accusation of organ-trafficking, bringing one 21-year-old man to the UK from Lagos.

Former DSP is Ekweremadu 60, his wife Mrs Beatrice 56, and Dr Obinna Obeta a 50-year-old are conspirators who conspire to exploit and harvest a man’s kidney.

This case is first of such in the 21st century under under modern slavery laws.

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