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Video: Closed Friends, Family Members Thought It Was Aids During My Weight Loss – RMD

Veteran actor and Nollywood legend, Richard Mofe-Damijo narrates how he suffered many push back from friends who knew what he was doing, they see him do what he does daily and yet still come to him in secret to ask him to confide in them maybe he’s contracted the deadly disease truly.

The actor said it was a bad picture of him that went viral during the period he was working on his weight, that got many worried to the extent that family members will go through his mother-in-law to put pressure on his wife to ask him to confess to them. “..so Imagine how my wife felt? To the point that some close family members will now call my mother-in-law to say, look we don’t hide disease oo!”

People couldn’t take the drastic weight loss which to them was too obvious and they thought such must be a deadly ailment, some kind of disease that should not be kept to one self alone and if shared can be tackled. It got so bad that some will even call to say, we are praying for you in our church.

“I mean, I had close friends who knew what I was doing, I mean.. I was working everyday, I will jog I will do a minimum of like 7 laps round a football field.. they were seeing me doing it but they will still call me at their private time…”

He added that, he learnt a very big and important lesson from that period of his life because same people who were genuinely concerned were the same people applauding the end result. He advised that anything one is doing should be focused on and refused distraction because with fullness of time the world will see be it brand, business idea and even spiritual journey.

See video below;

Video credit: The Teju baby face show

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