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What Happens In Sudan Affects You More Than What’s Happening In Ukraine, Pray – Reno Omokri

Former presidential aid, spokesperson and influencer Reno Omokri has weighed in on the on-going war in Sudan.

He called on fellow Africans and Nigerians in particular, to show every support needed to the people of Sudan who are currently under a serious war situation. Stressing that, the same energy used in supporting, praying for Ukraine should also be extended to Sudan.

Reno Omokri, a renown best selling author and public analyst made this submission via his social media platforms.

In his exact words;

“Sudan is an ancient country. Like Syria, Lebanon, Egypt and Ethiopia, these ancient nations go through tough times periodically, due to tensions between ancient and modern ways. But they don’t crack. Sudan will be back on its feet. And by the way, it will be impossible to evacuate all Nigerians living in Sudan. Because, they are over a million. Yes. You heard me right. Over a million. In fact closer to three million. Probably more. Sudan was a layover point for Nigerians going to Mecca by road, and many simply could not, or would not make the journey back home, and instead just chose to remain in Sudan. And a large number of Nigerians fled to Sudan after the British defeated Sultan Attahiru I in 1903. What I encourage you as an African, is to use the same energy that you used in praying for peace in Ukraine to likewise pray for peace in Sudan. What happens in Sudan affects you more than what is happening in Ukraine.”

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